It’s getting hard to watch Lydia.

It really is. And let me just say, it’s not because the acting or the writing is bad. In fact, both are extraordinary. At the end of this last Lydia episode, I came close to crying because I feel like I know exactly how it’s going to end and I don’t like it.

But Lydia… she’s not Lydia anymore. What happened to that girl who would barge into her sister’s room, the life of the party, with fabulous bright clothes and a voice that made me turn my sound down? She was so vibrant and big and now we see her sitting on the couch, in grey sweats, barely speaking. And George is clearly being emotionally abusive and it just makes me so angry and sad.

Which is actually the reason why we watch this isn’t it? We want to feel something, something different that we don’t normally feel. That or we want to escape. And it’s getting hard to watch Lydia because we can clearly see how George is manipulating her and we can call clearly see just how much Lydia needs her sisters and how much she misses them. 


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